VJ SERVICESProfessional video-mixing and projection for events, parties, or clubs. Consult with TerabyteStation how to make the most of your party potential--from the technical video set-up to the creative content.
With years of experience creating content and setting up the visual ambiance, Terabyte has the expertise to provide the following services to make your event happen:

Equipment for setting up a professional video experience in most any location. Terabyte will bring all necesary hardware-- from the meters and meters of cable, to the cameras, projectors, computers, and screens-- whatever is necessary to get the job done right! We will customize our equipment list to suit your needs and work within your environment and with your technolgy requirements.

Customize your graphics for the show. Beyond just the technical consultation, TerabyteStation works with the client to ensure that the their content--logos, titles, motion graphics, credits, etc.-- are shown WHENEVER and HOWEVER they want. Clients can also request a general theme (nature, urban, etc) and the Terabyte team will assemble the appropriate material from its own video collection -- literally Terabytes of Digital Data to choose from!

Post-production event-DVD or video for the internet. Get the most out of your investment by making a post-event DVD with the audio and visual from the event itself. A popular feature, this is an encoded copy of the actual audio (from the DJ, MC or band) and the same visuals that were projected live at the event. A great way to get "instant content" for media that you can brand and call your own -- an interesting give-away for those who attended the event and infinitely useful for marketing.


TerabyteStation uses the Edirol V4 video mixer -- an industry classic! This video mixer/switcher has 4 inputs and 3 outputs (expandable with other hardware if necessary) -- enabling you to have live camera, computer mix, and 2 more video sources at the ready to mix and project to multiple screens. The video sources are processed completely in the digital domain so there is zero quality loss which creates professional video quality (13.5MHz, 8-bit, 4:2:2, DV quality) -- ideal for large screens.

Synchronization between Audio and Video is also possible with MIDI equipment. The V4 features video transitions/effects that can synchronize the video via MIDI, enabling video effects to follow the beat of the music. BPM always in time!

Live Camera added in the video mix makes for an experience that includes the audience and performers, while stamping the event with the unique "once in a lifetime" feel. Terabyte has pairs of identical DV-cameras which can provide different camera-angles while delivering the same quality. Additional cameras with the appropriate lenses can also be placed for time-lapses. TerabyteStation has recently invested in the latest camera technology that is able to deliver high-definition video (HDV)

Apple G4 Laptop Computers loaded with VJ software, such as Motion Dive and ArKaos, take the video mix to another level!

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