Video: Tonewheel • November 13, 2004 Hobart, Tasmania

Tonewheel is a collaboration between Denki Funk (aka Nick Lesek) and Don Bate, director of Benjafield Collective.
The debut release of the Tonewheel album was on a Saturday night at U Tas' Uni Bar with a lineup featuring leading Australian funk musicians combining with Denki Funk's beats, loops and samples. Weaving amongst the musicmaking was DJ SpinFX. Terabyte Station was asked to join the creative jam session by weaving Tokyo footage with stunning aerial flyby footage of the Tasmanian Western coast-- the combination was a visual journey throughout the night.
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NEW VIDEO release! Check out Tom Butler rapping on the track, Hardly Normal, from the live show...

Video Contributors from Tokyo: Circle C / Racer X / vJeff
Tasmania Flyby video was provided by Stormfront Productions, Joe Shemesh
The mission we were given was to provide Tokyo footage in all its glory and juxtapose it with the natural tasmanian footage. The classic Nature vs. Urban; organic-inorganic themes worked quite well. Look forward to expanding on this in future shows...
Plenty of technical challenges for this show! All video equipment and source footage was brought from Japan and in NTSC format. This meant that additional Tasmania footage provided by Stormfront Productions had to be converted from PAL format. Recording the entire show to miniDV at the same time as mixing video from 3 sources and shoooting live camera created the need for extra limbs.
Two large rental projectors were used and beamed on 2m x 3m screens made from white tent material, which worked well.