Nik Z Sliwerski : Audio Director • DJ
Nik recently joined TerabyteStation and rounds out the established visual and production services with professional-quality sound services for both production and live events, allowing TerabyteStation to offer you more completely coordinated and cost-effective resources in-house.

A Tokyo resident of 15 years and fluent in Japanese, Nik comes from a background in audio engineering and event coordination and production, in addition to tv/radio/vp narration, copy-writing and other language services. Freelance since 1999, he has worked with domestic clients such as Sony, Fuji Xerox, Toyota, Honda, Nike, J-Wave and NHK, as well as with numerous overseas film/tv productions working on location in Japan.

A sound and music fanatic, Nik is also a club dj who produces music and events privately too, believing that simplicity and attention to detail are what make great music, productions and events 'just seem to happen'.
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Nik Z Sliwerski : Audio Director