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Jeffrey B. Klein: Creative Director • Videographer • VJ
Mr. Klein was involved in forming Terabyte Station as a "collective of creative professionals" to build a team capable of shooting, editing and delivering digital video via the internet, DVD, and live projection. Prior to founding TerabyteStation in 2000, Mr. Klein was the Creative Director and President of Trans-Pacific Productions Inc., which was established in 1996 in Tokyo as a design firm specializing in creating advertising, news-letters, web-sites and business collateral for international companies in Japan (including Sony, Sumitomo Bank, Tokyo Gas, Ericsson, and others). Previously, Mr. Klein worked at Toyo Keizai Inc., Japan's oldest business publication house, where he was the Creative Director of the monthly international magazine TOKYO BUSINESS TODAY and migrated the entire production of the magazine to a Macintosh-based DTP system.

Mr. Klein is a graduate of Tufts University and also studied fine-woodworking and furniture making at the Boston Fine Arts Museum School.
He resides in Tokyo, Japan with his wife and 2 children.
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