Brad P. Bennett: Photographer / VJ Racer X
Brad Bennett studied at various institutions of higher learning focusing on philosophy, creative writing and photography, graduating from North Seattle College in Washington State in 1990..
Looking for experience rather than more lectures, He bought a one way ticket to Tokyo and soon found himself traveling throughout Asia with cameras and notebooks attempting to make sense of a different world. Coming home to Seattle in 1993, He established “Takanawa West Gallery” with Japanese partners and began promoting and selling contemporary Asian Art including textiles and photography.
Returning to Tokyo in 1996, he continued building bridges across the Pacific with the creation of an art studio and workplace named “Studio West”. He began exhibiting his own photography work and teaching courses related to visual language while organizing photo workshops with selected professionals. His commercial photography work includes shooting for “The Gap” clothing stores throughout Japan (1998-2001) and for various journals and publications both domestic and international including covers for The Tokyo Weekender magazine, Metropolis magazine and writing feature stories for the online publication, Outdoor Japan.
Working clubs, live shows and producing original outdoor events as a VJ Racer X since 1997, Brad has continued to explore and utilize the latest technologies that the current digital age has to offer. After more than forty VJ gigs in Japan, he has realized that the visual mixing experience of original content and live camera continues to complement his original passion, “still photography”
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