Terabyte Station is a collective of creative professionals in Tokyo, Japan.

TerabyteStation has put together a team of audio & visual professionals, who have honed their skills by working with large-scale projects in broadcast media, events, internet and mulitmedia. Because of this experience, we understand how to make high-quality video that meets TV standards, as well as produce video for the internet.
Using this combination of creative talents and experience in executing mission-critical deadlines, we have assembled a VJ group that you can depend on for your live-event.
Our slogan:

Meet the TerabyteStation team:
Brad P. Bennett • Photographer, VJ Racer X
Christopher D. Campbell • Director, VJ
Jeff Cooke • Chief Cameraman
Ken Iwai • Cameraman & Videographer
Jeffrey B. Klein • Videographer, Creative Director, VJ
Nik Z Sliwerski Audio Director • DJ

The following are some of the venues at which TerabyteStation has worked:
Tokyo International Forum; The Westin Hotel; The Grand Hyatt, Roppongi Hills; The New Sanno Hotel; Miyako Radisson Hotel, Tokyo; Makuhari Meese; Tokyo American Club; Izumi Garden Conference Center; My Plaza Hall, Marunouchi; Super Deluxe; Velfarre Roppongi; La Fabrique; SOHO Restaurant, Omote-Sando; Nippon Seinenkan; Y2K Roppongi; Club Yellow, Tokyo; Ruby Room Shibuya

Our CLIENT LIST ranges from individuals (wedding videos, etc.) to Fortune 500 companies.

For a highlights from some of our past shows, please click here