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: 26K: Carving Mt. Fuji

There is certainly a story behind camping on the highest (allowable) land on Mt. Fuji and waking up at 4am to be the first people to ever long-board down the paved part of the mountain (aka. the Subaru Line). Read this story (348kb PDF) that was published by CONCRETE WAVE Magazine and written by Adam Clark--one of the longboarders and the main organizer of the event.

Check out the article about the event for which this adventure was embarked upon at FreshPaved.com

For more information about longboarding in Japan please visit www.outdoorjapan.com

Hello All: Here is the world premeire in all it's 10mb glory. Please wait for this to download to enjoy it in one continous flow.
Will be filling this space with updates to this visual story.
Racer X (aka Brad Bennett)
The Evangelist (aka Adam Clark)
Flash (aka Fredrik Burvall)
Kris Kullengren
Video producers:
Chris Campbell (Director, camera, editor & the driver)
Jeff Klein (Director, editor, and the big camera)
Brad Bennett (vx-1000 "board-cam)
Mark Stamas of Off Media

Great job to the riders for getting down the mtn in Style with no unwanted scathed flesh or bruised bones.
More pictures of the event (from one of the skaters) can be seen here: http://baardrajders.tripod.com/id9.html

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