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: DC Shoes & New Era "20/94 Launch Party" • Tokyo, Japan

The BALLROOM in Daiconyama was the site for the Tokyo 20/94 Launch Party--the collaboration between DC Shoes and New Era. Tokyo hipsters and boarders took in the new products--displayed in museum-style viewing pedestals--while boarders took turns at a ramp built for the occassion. DJ Yuze of portscape Records highlighted the night with awesome DJing. The digest video of the event by TerabyteStation on this page features his technique and is the live soundtrack.

For more information about the party--and to see pictures by TerabyteStation's photographer, Ken Iwai-- please visit their site at http://www.20-94.com/

TerabyteStation cameras were rolling as New Era and DC Shoes launched their premier edition 20/94 line in Tokyo--the second stop on their world tour.

Music from this video is from the performance by DJ Yuze (right)

The Ballroom: http://www.ball-room.com/map.html
20/94 website: http://www.20-94.com/

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PHOTOS by Ken Iwai
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