The Finding Flow in Tokyo video series came from the determination of Tokyo resident Adam Clark, the "Long-Board Evangelist" and editor of the longboard section at the Outdoor Japan web site.
Adam approached TerabyteStation with some film footage in hand and approval from the Tuvian throat singers, Huun-Huur-Tu to use their music for the project.
Racer X and vJeff supplmented Adam's original material with new video shot in locations around Tokyo in the summer of 2004. The pieces were assembled in Final Cut Pro and will, hopefully, be the first of more to come...

Finding Flow in Tokyo 1
File: 15.2mb QuickTime
Duration: 02'42
Finding Flow in Tokyo 2
File: 8.3mb QuickTime
Duration: 01'28
Finding Flow in Tokyo 3
File: 10mb QuickTime
Duration: 01'47