ENCODING SERVICESTerabyteStation optimizes clients' video for DVD or for the web by converting the video to digital and editing in the digital realm. We capture content at lossless data rates in its full native resolution and then, through the latest compression technology, we encode the video for DVD, CD-ROM or into a compressed format for the internet.

We also can use our encoding expertise to provide the following services:

Convert your video presentations into content for your web-site.

Encode and optimize corporate training or eductional video for the internet or intranets

• Convert DVCAM to digital files for you to edit, archive or for use on the web.

Convert analog VHS video to Digial (miniDV format, Apple QuickTime files or to DVD). TerabyteStation has the hardware and know-how to convert old analog footage to the digital realm.

Timelapse function: Hours of video condensed into a short "Time-Lapse" version. TerabyteStation has a dedicated workstation for capturing video at various framerates, so if you have hours of video you wish to condense to seconds or minutes and receive as a QuickTime file, please contact us.

Please contact us if you have a project and wish to receive an estimate.